Solutions We Provide

Footfall Measurement

Any business with physical location would benefit from accurate footfall measurement to track and improvise on efficiencies and improve business revenues. We provide industry best footfall measurement. More than 500k+ installations worldwide.

Business Intelligence

Our BI platform provides lot of actionable information for your business to take effective decisions. We are working with lot of retail operations for providing them with powerful business intelligence tool.

Queue Management

For any service center or operations providing customer service, its import that wait time in queue is minimal and optimum service is provided. Our queue management system helps to identify bottlenecks and improve customer satisfaction.

Staff Elimination

• Wifi and BLE technologies are embedded in 3D Devices to enable Employee Filtering
• With “Employee Filtering Licence” – firmware we can segregate employees and customers
• Advantages:

  • One unique platform for all implementations.
  • Modular installation with an upgradable device in the field, without major intervention

• Wi-Fi and BLE functionalities will be enabled

  • Employee filtering
  • iBeacon

• We are the only solution provider for highly accurate Employee Filtering

Artificial Intelligence – Video Analytics

We transform your video into actionable data. We use your CCTV footage to provide you with impactful information for effective decision making.