• Buildings, spaces, cities – don’t have information to manage efficiency and resources
• Organizations can best utilize their resources – be it energy, time and money. Proper understanding of footfall and analysis will enable efficiency with resources
• We provide effective information and data for Smart Building management systems and for smart cities management
• We assisted IBM in their venture to make their building at Gurgaon, Haryana a smart building with requisite information provided to their BMS.

Benefits of our Solution

Management can track the flow of traffic

Take a decision if you need all areas in a building for instance do you need all meeting rooms or only few?

Deploy cleaning services more or less people depending the day when there is more traffic

Your leasing department can take decision if a building is underutilized or over-utilized and accordingly plan their leasing activities

The data helps to make effective energy consumption decisions

Information helps in providing details for safety measures for employees and guests.

You can understand occupancy and plan future of operations at the location for each floor and its crucial areas.

Assists to manage their leasing cost effectively.