In any city, shopping malls drive traffic for not only shopping but also due to entertainment value it provides. Mall operators need to provide a conducive environment for better traffic for all businesses. Our solution assists a mall operator in following ways –

Real time people counting solution available at each management hierarchy level.

Staff Efficiency – know your peak hours and adjust and manage staff accordingly to optimize cost and efficiency

Effective Rentals – validate and optimize rent of your prime places and locations. You can validate now with concrete data with all proofs.

Group Counts – count family and shopper units as one when they are coming together to have a proper conversion rate; as they are single buying unit

Kid Counting – select to count or not to count kids depending on your merchandise

Staff elimination – we provide industry best elimination of staff counts to get you accurate traffic and conversion

Marketing Activities – Track and calculate ROI on marketing activities

Learn from Success Stories – Benchmark and rank your malls across different metrics to learn from high performing malls, what they are doing right.