Retail In-store Analytics

We provide detailed in-store analytics to retail industry for footfall measurements, conversion, staff efficiency, store performance, tracking marketing efforts and more. Its very imperative for a retail store to have real time traffic analysis and take actions to maximize their operational efficiency and revenue.

Current Problems

  • Retailers are using manual and outdated methods for footfall measurements.
  • Without knowing real time traffic and conversion, management can't take effective decisions.
  • Manual counting is more costly and not accurate
  • Manual counting is more costly and not accurate
  • Retailers get wrong understanding on their conversions. No concrete understanding if a location needs more marketing efforts or more sales effort
  • Retailers don’t have proper heat mapping for their stores

Benefits of our Retail In-store Analytics

Real time people counting solution available at each management hierarchy level.

Conversion Rate – get accurate conversion for your stores and improvise on revenue by having and driving laser focus on conversion rates

Staff Efficiency – know your peak hours and adjust and manage staff accordingly to optimize cost and efficiency

Passerby Counts – Track your funnel – how many people are walking by your stores and how many actually are lured inside. Manage and optimize your door marketing efforts

Group Counts – count family and shopper units as one when they are coming together to have a proper conversion rate; as they are single buying unit

Kid Counting – select to count or not to count kids depending on your merchandise

Staff elimination – we provide industry best elimination of staff counts to get you accurate traffic and conversion

Learn from Success Stories –Benchmark and rank your stores across different metrics to learn from high performing stores, what they are doing right.

Heat mapping – get to know where your customers are going and spending time in your store

Store design – Manage and improvise on your store design based on the heat mapping

Queue management – manage and understand the queue length and check out time. Take real time actions to not have abandonment of sales

Customer satisfaction – with real time data, improve overall customer satisfaction by providing better staff availability, check out process.