We transform your video into actionable data. We use your CCTV footage to provide you with impactful information for effective decision making.

Facial Recognition

Key Features of Aayuda™ Facial Recognition

  • Face recognition in real time, depending on resources
  • Easily enroll faces from still or video images
  • model training with millions of faces from datasets from around the world
  • Anti-spoofing technology ensures the system cannot be fooled by a photo or video image
  • Detect matches with faces in the database and provide alerts
  • Create a log of faces in the scene for later investigation
  • REST API for building into applications and devices
  • Search for similar faces from a single camera or across multiple cameras

Information Provided

  • Facial recognition – profile your customers.
  • Gender detection
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Age detecton


  • Use facial recognition instead of badges for entry
  • Use facial recognition in retail stores with use of CCTV footage
  • Real time traffic counting
  • Manage crowd and efficiencies

AI – Video Analytics

  • Intrusion Detection – provides automated perimeter monitoring and secure area protection.
  • Line Crossing – detects a moving object which crosses the defined line. Entry/exit direction can be defined and line can be drawn in any direction.
  • Object Left – detects an object that has been left unattended for too long. Looks for objects that are not part of the normal scene.
  • Object Removed – can detect when specific objects have been removed from the scene.
  • Loitering – detects when a person has been in a specified area for more than a specified time.
  • Wrong Direction – can detect when a person crosses a line in the wrong direction.
  • Fall/Duress Detection – can detect when a person has fallen or is under duress.
  • Person Running – detects when a person is running.
  • Video Counter – counts people, vehicles and other objects. Generates comprehensive reports on people and vehicle traffic patterns.